Monday, May 28, 2012

Restoran Upin Ipin

Aisha is a huge fan of the famous cartoon Upin and Ipin. Hence, we decided to bring her to Upin and Ipin restaurant and souvenir shop at Shah Alam. We saw this place when watching Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan. 

She was sleeping when we reach the place but woke up when we said Upin and Ipin to her. She was cheerful and excited to see the Upin and Ipin mural at Les Copaque office. It is very fun to see her..she even give fly kiss to the Upin and Ipin pictures in the restaurant. After finish eating, we headed to the souvenir shop however, the shop is closed for lunch hour. 

We waited for half and hour but still nobody open it and decided to go to my friend's house to picked up my all time favorite Kek Brownies Kukus. After one hour, we make a move and on the way to go back we stop at the Upin Ipin souvenir shop and it is already open.

Abah as usual spent a lot in the souvenir shop for his kids t-shirts, cap, cup, fridge magnet. Total purchase made is RM270. Luckily the shop is small and not many items inside or else we gonna stuck there till night.

For this few days we gonna see Aisha wearing Upin and Ipin's t shirt all the time. She even wear the cap to sleep.


  1. betul..betul..betul..bes gile kedai upin ipin tu..nk g lagi le..

  2. Bukak lagi ke cafe ni??

    1. the last tiem i check still bukak lagi...kalu nak tau dekat mane bole check website diaorg